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Thermal Expansion Tanks

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Used to absorb the additional volume of potable water created by a domestic water heater. These tank designs incorporate a diaphragm or bladder to isolate the expanded water from the pressure controlling air cushion.


  • Pre-charged (30PSIG/40PSIG TX)
  • 240°F Maximum Temp
  • Carbon steel shell and heavy duty butyl (FDA approved) bladder or diaphragm

TXA series:

  • One of the industry’s most robust bladder style tanks
  • Can be installed vertically or horizontally
  • Free standing models have system connection at the bottom of tank
  • Designed to be installed between a backflow preventer and a hot water heater
  • Easily replaced in the field
  • Easily draining to assist in establishing proper air charge

Thermal Expansion Tanks

ModelDescriptionASMEGallonsMax Pressure
T-SeriesFixed Diaphragmnon-ASME2.1-132.0150 PSIG
TX-SeriesRemovable Bladdernon-ASME2.1-79.2150 PSIG
TTA-SeriesFixed DiaphragmASME3.5-90.0150 PSIG
TXA-SeriesRemovable BladderASME10.0-528.0150/200/250 PSIG
TXA-WG-SeriesSmart Tank w/WessguardASME10.0-528.0150/200/250 PSIG
TXA-FF-SeriesFull-Flow (Flow-Through)ASME23.0-528.0150 PSIG