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BigGuy® is offering heavy-duty, full hand coverage nitrile gloves made for safety, protection, and comfort in two styles for everyday use.


  • Black 6.5 MIL with equal thickness across the entire glove surface for ultimate protection.
  • Powder and latex free.
  • Puncture, chemical and solvent resistant.
  • Textured surface provides secure grip even when wet.
  • Touch screen compatible.
  • Orange 8.5 Mil industrial grade gloves.
  • Extra strong and durable protection.
  • Puncture, chemical and contaminant protection.
  • Raised diamond texture for superior grip while wet or greasy.
  • Touch screen compatible.

Item # DescriptionColorSizeBox QtyBoxes per Case
BG-RXE20232-B6.5 Mil Nitrile GlovesBlackMedium10010
BG-RXE20233-B6.5 Mil Nitrile GlovesBlackLarge10010
BG-RXE20234-B 6.5 Mil Nitrile GlovesBlackX-Large10010
BG-RXE20235-B6.5 Mil Nitrile GlovesBlackXX-Large9010
Sold only in case quantities.

Item # DescriptionColorSizeBox Qty Boxes per Case
BG-RX500078.5 Mil Nitrile GlovesOrangeMedium10010
BG-RX500088.5 Mil Nitrile GlovesOrangeLarge10010
BG-RX500098.5 Mil Nitrile GlovesOrangeX-Large10010
BG-RX500108.5 Mil Nitrile GlovesOrangeXX-Large9010
Sold only in case quantities.