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Potable Water Expansion Tanks

BigGuyXpansionTanks™ absorb any increased volume of water created by thermal expansion and maintain balanced pressure throughout a potable water supply system, such as water heaters and hot water storage tanks.


  • Absorbs water caused by thermal expansion
  • Returns water to the system when hot water is used
  • Prevents dangerous pressure buildup
  • Stops wasted energy, dripping faucets, toilet valve running, intermittent and pressure relief valve discharge
  • Protects water heater, appliances, and fixtures
  • Drawn steel construction
  • Flexible butyl diaphragm separating the air chamber from the water chamber
  • Stainless steel connector
  • Certified for maximum temperature of 200°F and maximum pressure of 150 psi

Potable Water Expansion Tanks

Item No.Tank VolumeConnectionDiameterLengthPallet Quantity
BG-PXT-52.1 Gallons3/4" male8"12"80
BG-PXT-124.5 Gallons3/4" male11"155"36