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Hydro-Pneumatic Tanks

BigGuy® through Calefactio offers hydro-pneumatic tanks designed to deliver water under pressure between pump cycles to provide sufficient flow to meet demands.Tanks are designed to quickly accept water surge pressures with minimal pressure drop to prevent water hammer shock.


  • Ultra resistant bladder.
  • ABM Series is equipped with biogas vent and manometer.
  • Air pre-charged at factory.
  • ExpanView indicator available on SSA /AFX Series.

Hydro-Pneumatic Tanks

ModelDescriptionASMEConnectionGallonsMax TemperatureMax PSI
AFX SeriesReplaceable BladderASMEBottom10-1320240° F125 PSI
SSA SeriesReplaceable BladderASMEBottom10-660240° F250 PSI
ABM SeriesReplaceable BladderASMEBottom43-528240° F150 PSI
FX SeriesReplaceable BladderNon ASMEBottom80-528240° F150 PSI