Preferred Construction Products

LycoFit Fittings

BigGuy® offers LYCOFIT® mechanical fittings for connecting underground polyethylene gas pipe. Product is designed for maximum gripping power that eliminates the risk of pullout.


  • Strong connection with no slippage.
  • Instant Visual Check Lycofit fittings allows for instant and easy quality check.
  • 100% Leak-proof.
  • Excellent durability.
  • Easy to install with no measuring and calculating required.

LycoFit® Coupling

Item No.PE Size
LC060Y-DER3/4" IPS
LC080X-DESR1-1/4" IPS
LC090Y-DESR1-1/2" IPS

LycoFit® Mechanical 3-Way Tee

Item No.PE Size
LC060Y-M3T3/4" IPS
LC070Y-M3T1" IPS
LC080X-M3T 1-1/4" IPS
LC090Y-M3T 1-1/2" IPS
LC200Y-M3T2" IPS

LycoFit® Transition Fitting (Steel to PE)

Item NoPE Size
LC060S060Y-SPB 3/4" IPS
LC070S070Y-SPB1" IPS
LC080S080Y-SPB1-1/4" IPS
LC090S090Y-SPB1-1/2" IPS
LC200S200Y-SPB2" IPS

LycoFit® Assembly Tools

Item No.Description
QRP-1001/2" CTS thru 1" IPS
QRP-2001/2" CTS thru 2" IPS