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Main Safety Control Panels

LabSafetySystems® Main Utility Control Panels (UCP) are safety devices that regulates the availability of various utilities and devices in single or multiple laboratories.
These can include domestic water, natural gas and electric outlets within a science laboratory or other instructional facilities as well as research and medical facilities.
Fully customizable to meet project specific needs.


  • Programmable logic controller (PLC) by Siemens™ Controls
  • Keyed selector switch restricting the activation of utilities to the key holder
  • Indicator lights showing enabled systems
  • Emergency stop buttons
  • Panel finishes available in white powder coat or stainless steel, as indicated
  • Optional integrated electrical panel
  • Optional connections to building’s alarm system and/or management system
  • Optional remote capabilities, fan controls, HMI touch screen controls
  • Five year limited parts warranty (with factory start-up)

Main Control Panels

SeriesDescriptionPanel FinishUtility Switches/ Lights
CSS-UCP-SSingle LaboratoryPC or SSFor each utility
CSS-UCP-DDual LaboratoryPC or SSFor each utility
CSS-UCP-TSTouch Screen (*single panel controls up to 6 labs)PC or SSUp to 4 utilities
CSS-UCP-EP-SIntegrated Electric Panel - Single LaboratoryPC or SSFor each utility
CSS-UCP-EP-DIntegrated Electric Panel - Dual LaboratoriesPC or SSFor each utility
CSS-UCP-TS-EPTouch Screen & Integrated Electric PanelPC or SSUp to 4 utilities
CSS-USCPSolenoidPCOne for all utilities