Preferred Construction Products

Potable Expansion Tanks

BigGuy® through Calefactio offers a wide variety of potable thermal expansion tank designs with fixed bladders and replaceable bladders that range in capacity from less than two gallons to over 500 gallons. Both ASME and Non ASME tanks are offered with various connection features.


  • Both ASME and Non ASME tanks available
  • Water remains permanently separated from air.
  • Stainless steel connections
  • Conforms to NSF61 standards.
  • Air pre-charged to factory to 40 / 50 PSI
  • FTTE-C series promotes movement of water across tank to avoid water stagnation and prevents bacteria growth.

ModelDescriptionASMEConnectionGallonsMax TemperatureMax PSI
BFA SeriesFixed BladderASMETop3.5-90 240° F 175/250/300
TXA SeriesReplaceable BladderASMEBottom10-528240° F 175/250/300
FTTE-C SeriesReplaceable Bladder ASMEFlow through23-211 240° F 150/200/250
HGTE SeriesFixed Bladder Non ASMETop3.2-8 200° F150 PSI
HGTV SeriesReplaceable BladderNon ASMEBottom14-74200° F150 PSI
FTTE SeriesNo BladderNon ASMEFlow through2.1-8200° F150 PSI