Preferred Construction Products

Underground Marking Tape

BigGuy® offers both detectable and undetectable warning tape that is for underground utility identification and UL listed tracer wire used for locating buried pipe.


    • Manufactured for durability and corrosion resistance.
    • Temperature rated from -94ºF to 200º F.
    • Triple – layer lamination.
    • Resists slow crack growth.
    • 5.0 mil thickness.

Detectable Tape

Item No.ColorMarkingSize
D2BWBlueWater2" x 1000 FT
D2GSGreenSewer2" x 1000 FT
D2YGYellowGas2" x 1000 FT
D3BWBlueWater3" x 1000 FT
D3GSGreenSewer3" x 1000 FT
D3YGYellowGas3" x 1000 FT
D6GSGreenSewer6" x 1000 FT
D6BWBlueWater6" x 1000 FT
D12BWBlueWater12" x 1000 FT
D12GSGreenSewer12" x 1000 FT

Non-Detectable Gas Tape

Item No.ColorMarkingSize
ND3OTOrangeTelephone3" x 1000 FT
ND3YGYellowGas3" x 1000 FT
ND6YGYellowGas6" x 1000 FT
ND6YGYellowGas6" x 1000 FT