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Adjustable Reach Key

A500The LittleBuddyTools™ T-handle valve key allows for an easy and safe way to turn off water valves in hard to reach places. Designed to be fully adjustable, durable, convenient, and compact.


  • Fully adjustable
  • Includes breakdown handle
  • Positive action Snap-Lock Rings securely hold the Adjustable-Reach KEY in any fixed position
  • Folds down to a compact size to fit in trunk, under the seat, or behind pickup bench seats so you don’t have to worry about the key hanging out of truck beds or the possibility of theft

Adjustable Reach Key

Item No.DescriptionAdjustable Length
A100Standard Key3.5' - 6.5'
A100-CSStandard Key/Curbstop Adapter3.5’ - 6.5’
A100-CS,WHStandard Key/Curbstop Adapter/ Wheel Handle3.5’ - 6.5’
A100-WHStandard Key/Wheel Handle3.5’ - 6.5’
A100-HDHeavy Duty with Standard Key3.5’ - 6.5’
A200Standard Key5.5' - 9.5'
A200-CSStandard Key/Curbstop Adapter5.5’ - 9.5’
A200-CS,WHStandard Key/Curbstop Adapter/ Wheel Handle5.5’ - 9.5’
A200-WHStandard Key/Wheel Handle5.5’ - 9.5’
A200-HDHeavy Duty with Standard Key5.5’ - 9.5’
A500Standard Key5.5' - 14'
A1000Standard KeyCustom


Item No.Description
ADJR CSCurb Stop Adapter
ADJR CS2Curb Stop Adapter for 2” Curb Stops
ADJR WHWheel Handle Adapter
ADJR VBCValve Box Cleaner Adapter
ADJR PINSSnap Lock Pins for A100 & A200
ADJR PINS A500Snap Lock Pins for A500
ADJR HANDLE-CSHandle with Curb Stop